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Elect Angela Grogan Mayor of Port Hope 2022My name is Angela Grogan. I am a 10-year resident of, and current mayoral candidate for Port Hope.

They say the best gauge of how a person can achieve for you is in how they have achieved for themselves; I get things done.

I moved to Port Hope because I felt immediately this was my home and my future. Often I meet others who tell me they feel the same.  They felt welcomed by families whose roots were planted here over a century ago. New and old is a theme for our town, and the two coexist and commingle daily in all aspects of living.

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The Municipality of Port Hope is a place so many are lucky enough to have always called home, and for so many others who arrive later it becomes a place to stay and put down roots. Its council governs the needs of all residents. It’s where community members collectively feel safe, proud and excited for their future. The municipality fosters a caring environment and, at its core, inclusivity.


As Mayor of Port Hope, Angela Grogan will bring consensus to issues through conscientious collaboration between council, municipal staff, community stakeholders and residents (shareholders). 


The core of Angela Grogan's campaign for Mayor of Port Hope will be to address these key points that are affecting the local commuity at large 



In her first 90 days as Mayor of Port Hope, Angela Grogan plans to make.

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What the people say

Older black woman in pink shirt talking with bee keepers at a local marketAn active resident of Port Hope, ON, Angela Grogan has always made an effort to get involved in the local community, talking to residents, shop owners, and visitors, to discover what it is they love about this town, and where they think we could do with improvements. 

Angela is not merely your neighbour and the next Mayor of Port Hope, she is a friend, and an advocate for positive change. 

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